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May 2, 2017 | Rabid Interactive, Inc.

The Puzzle Adventure Starts Now! Rabid Interactive Announces the Soft Launch of Path of Fate on iOS and Android in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore

LAGUNA NIGUEL, May 2, 2017 – Today marks the soft launch of Rabid Interactive’s Path of Fate, available now from the Apple App Store and Google Play in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore. Path of Fate is a fast-paced match-3 puzzle RPG in which players defeat their enemies by performing match combos utilizing gravity itself as the playfield steadily rises. Players will journey across the untamed land of Fortuna, collecting powerful relics and spells to empower their characters in a quest to save the world.

In Path of Fate, the player takes on the role of the Fatecaster, a wizard who travels from across the great ocean seeking a mythical tree that is prophesized to bring about the end of the world upon its death. A vast array of quests awaits the player on their journey, each filled with powerful monsters that will test the player’s puzzle skills in a multitude of ways. To help thwart their enemies, players may equip different items and spells to gain an advantage, as well as borrow the strength of their fellow players utilizing the Sidekick feature.


Path of Fate features a turn-free, match-3 system in which players seamlessly drag blocks horizontally to create matches and combos. Additional blocks steadily rise from the bottom of the playfield, so players must use both their wits and reflexes to achieve victory.


Path of Fate is now available to download for free through the Apple App Store and Google Play  in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore. Visit for more information.


To check out gameplay, watch the Path of Fate official trailer:

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